At Nadjarina, we believe that a wardrobe is a carefully curated gallery of your life and the memories that string it together. Style is personal, a visual biography which transcends seasonal trends.

The collection is designed for the modern renaissance woman, unapologetically defining and evolving the role of femininity for the future. The aesthetic is a conversation within the juxtaposition and nuances of this new femininity, and the many roles we take throughout the day.

Nadjarina recognizes the need for a wardrobe that empowers and inspires, while still maintaining an effortless sensibility.  

Nadjarina is a visual story we've created for you to finish.





Nadjarina founder Lindsey Mallon is a Rhode Island native and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her thesis collection was featured in industry-renowned V Magazine as a “designer to watch”.

After over a decade in the industry, Lindsey launched Nadjarina (named after her daughter) in Los Angeles, with a focus on her conscious luxury ethos, looking to create a brand that is as much a social platform as it is a luxury brand.


Please visit our Conscious Luxury page to learn more about our brand mission for social and environmental sustainability.