At Nadjarina, we believe that a wardrobe is a carefully curated gallery of your life and the memories that string it together. It is your masterpiece, your visual biography. We believe that style is personal to you, transcending seasonal trends.  

Our inspiration comes from the modern citizen. The modern female- she’s paving her own path, she takes charge, and she’s bold, but she is also the life-giver & nurturer, she is soft & feminine, and she is the sultry muse inspiring those around her. She is dynamic and she is a risk-taker. She is unapologetically defining and evolving the roll of femininity for the future. She wants her wardrobe to emulate this empowered-female mentality. 

The male- he’s shedding traditional role. He’s taking risks with his wardrobe, boldly expressing a modern, intentional male. He isn’t following the herd, and he isn't afraid to stand out.

Nadjarina emerged from the desire to marry conceptual runway with functionality, to meet those chameleon-like needs of the modern citizen. And to be a brand that stood for something bigger- ethical business and community.

Nadjarina flips traditions and norms and redefines the wardrobe. We use gorgeous, luxe fabrics and textures, proprietary design details such as our signature chain applique in a variety of approachable silhouttes for an edgy, on-the-go mentality. All pieces are hand-made in Los Angeles with fair-trade labor practices and intentional raw material sourcing. As we grow, we are looking for absolute transparency into our raw materials, to tell a story of passionate craft and humane luxury.


Nadjarina is a visual story we've created for you to finish.





Nadjarina founder Lindsey Mallon is a Rhode Island native and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her thesis collection was featured in industry-renowned V Magazine as a “designer to watch”.

From there, she worked in fashion in NYC, before relocating to Los Angeles. Knowing her end-goal was to launch Nadjarina, she took positions in every aspect of the apparel industry including; design, development, and production, so that she would have a thorough understanding of each process, how each step informs each other, and how to best manage each process.

Lindsey launched Nadjarina in Los Angeles after her move from NYC with her daughter (for whom the brand was named after), with a focus on her Conscious Luxury ethos, and the idea that style needed to be versatile while still maintaining a strong sense of expression... and that every creation should be intentional, ethical, and sustainable.

Please visit "CONSCIOUS LUXURY" page to learn more about our brand mission and Conscious Luxury ethos.