Conscious luxury is redefining luxury to be in harmonious alignment with our lifestyles, our personal values, and planet Earth. We create pieces designed to be a gateway to your personality, showcasing conscious & thoughtful decision making.

Conscious luxury as a brand practice is a return to old-world traditions, looking at quality and construction and natural materials. We create garments made to last and be passed down through the generations in the true traditions of luxury (and promising a sustainable lifecycle for each piece).

It is also a focus on the community of people who bring the Nadjarina vision to life. The story behind each piece is of pride & passionate craft. Each piece is handmade by skilled crafters in an inspired studio in downtown Los Angeles, with fair trade labor.

As we grow, we look to create transparent material sourcing, to dive deeper into our story of intentional and ethical craftsmanship.


“We can't guilt ourselves for the things we love, so we have to find balance. We cannot live 100% sustainably, but we can consume in such a way that preserves our precious resources; preserves the lives and community behind our consumption; seek solutions one habit at a time; and focus on quality over quantity so that we are not contributing to the waste. Purchase pieces that are made to last, that you can create traditions around, and pass down."

-Lindsey Mallon, Founder of NADJARINA



We hope our pieces will always have a place in your closet. Should the time come that you are ready to part ways, please consider sending garments back to Nadjarina (we will cover shipping), for a 20% credit to use on your next Nadjarina purchase (applicable for our online store, private appointment, or Nadjarina-hosted events).

For more information or to participate in our program, please e-mail



We use natural materials of the finest quality with minimal synthetic influence, which not only feel and look better, but also last longer. 

This focus enables a sustainable lifecycle and minimizes the chemical impact of our material sourcing, a mission which we continuously seek to further. It ensures that garments decompose naturally (and in significantly less time than their synthetic counterparts) and flow best in the natural eco-system.

We source fabrics locally where possible and use imported materials when no (comparable) alternatives exist, as quality should never be compromised.

The map below highlights where we source each raw material, and the traditions and practices of each region which make each source leaders in quality.