It is here! Our very first candle scent, just in time for the holidays. Two warm, luxurious holiday scents that cleanses the home and spirit. 

The perfect addition to your daily cleansing rituals as you close out the year and set the tone for a new year. Sprinkled with smokey quartz, rose quartz, pyrite, black obsidian, and labradorite to amplify your end-of-year intentions as the candle burns.

“A Very Nadjarina Holiday” (uplifting & rustic)
Top notes: Palo Santo, Balsam
Middle notes: Siberian Fir, Tobacco
Base notes: Atlas Cedarwood, Vetiver, Vanilla

“Oh Holy Night” (nostalgic & earthy sweet)
Top notes: Palo Santo, Copaiba, Nutmeg
Middle notes: Balsam, Frankincense, Nutmeg
Base notes: Siberian Fir, Vetiver, Chamomile

Candles come in reusable marble jars with glass slip inserts. When the candle is done burning, you can remove the glass slip and refill the jar with another Nadjarina candle! Each jar is made of real marble, making each and every jar beautifully unique.

Our candles are made with responsible, sustainably-sourced essential oils for a luxurious scent that is sure to be remembered. Wax is a blend of creamy, natural coconut and apricot wax, making a wax that is so silky smooth, we wouldn’t blame you if we caught you using a bit as moisturizer!

Wooden wick has a very subtle crackle that adds gently to the ambiance.

100% responsibly-sourced essential oils & wax
Soft-crackle wooden wick
Reusable marble jar with glass slip inserts


Healing Properties:

Palo Santo- the ancient "holy wood”, used for cleansing energy
Balsam of Peru- uses date back to Mayans who used for wealth, happiness, creativity, & dream work
Atlas Cederwood- an aphrodisiac of both masculine & feminine properties, sustainably sourced from clean-up cuts
Siberian Fir- grounding, considered sacred in Japan for “forest bathing” for wellbeing and relaxation
Vetiver- “the oil of tranquility”, intellect, grounding

Smokey Quartz - root chakra, grounding, protection, & insight, relieves stress/anxiety
Rose Quartz - heart chakra stone, universal love & harmony
Pyrite - solar plexus chakra, protection against harmful energy, clarity
Black Obsidian - root chakra, truth-enhancer, strong protection
Labradorite - throat chakra, intuition & higher-consciousness, shamanic healing, perseverance


Please allow 5-7 business days for this product to ship as we produce these candles in small batches in-house.