Conscious Luxury

A focus on the deeper progression of sustainability and community. The traditions of luxury redefined. Ethically made in Los Angeles.

Nadjarina: An Open Dialogue

Nadjarina is designed for the modern renaissance woman, unapologetically defining and evolving the role of femininity for the future.

Nadjarina: A Visual Story

We believe that a wardrobe is a carefully curated gallery of your life and the memories that string it together. We design for the woman unapologetically taking back her context and writing her own storyline.

Your wardrobe is your masterpiece, a visual biography of your life.

What story are you creating?


Nadjarina is redefining the standards of modern luxury, delivering bold style and a “conscious luxury” ethos that makes it easy to love this on-the-rise brand. Think gorgeous, luxe fabrics, and head-turning details that deliver in all the right ways.”

- Vanity Fair -